Must. Change. Attitude


I love thinking about attitude.  So much of life comes down to our attitudeThere isn’t a whole lot we do have control over, but our attitude is definitely one of those things.

The photo above was snapped from a print that’s on my living room wall, from Mary Engelbreit.  At the bottom of the print is the caption:  Must. Change. Attitude.

Whenever we are frustrated by what life throws at us, we sometimes look around to see what we can change in the external world.  Instead, we should be examining our interior life.  We should be changing how we look at those events around us.  We should be changing the only thing we can:  our reaction to events.  Our attitude.

Oh, yes, it’s easy to express what we should do.  Doing it might be quite another thing.  In fact, it will be.  Sometimes, when we’re trying really hard to change our perspective—our attitude—we might only be able to act “as if.”  Yes, act as if we believe in that new perspective we’re going for…act until the feeling and behavior follow.

One of the things I want to adjust in my attitude is what I can accomplish each day and each year.  My New Year’s resolutions this year try to reflect a realistic attitude.  Goals that are achievable.

What do you hope to achieve each day—or this year!—and how will you manage to change your attitude to a more realistic one?






  1. I love this post…it’s like the good talking to we all need from time to time…I really just want to work hard at appreciating life…being kind to people…doing more for others…yep… That’s it in a nutshell.


    1. Thanks! And those are awesome goals, Patty. One of the things I enjoy about Engelbreit’s art is that behind the quirky, cute facade is usually something that makes me think. Like this print about attitude.

      When I stare at it on my wall, I smile and think about the message.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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