The first Sunday Potpourri I did on this blog was back in July 2009, shortly after I launched this site.  My granddaughter Fiona, more than two years younger than she is now, was sitting close by and watching.  I think she was fascinated…but who knows?

The photo of her that I posted then was a much younger version.

My photos back then were smaller, with less clarity.  So not only was she younger (and smaller), so were the photo images.

I do recall my header back then…a shot I captured in Sedona, much like the one at the head of this post.  But more like this one…in fact, I think it was this very image:

Just to show how much difference a couple of years can make, here’s Fiona now:

Not only are my photos larger, clearer, etc.; I’ve learned how to add frames to them, like this one.

I’ve also experimented with a number of themes at Word Press, and, of course, they’ve added a few along the way.

While all of this seems to be leading up to a pitch for how much better things are with time…don’t be fooled.

Fiona is now almost fifteen—and while she is polite and quite nice about my blogging—fascination, well, not so much.

It’s all old news to Fiona now.  But I do enjoy featuring her and my other grandkids from time to time, in my Sunday Salon posts; my Saturday Snapshots; and here at Potpourri, where Fiona first watched me launch this site.

When you look back to the beginning of your site(s), what are your thoughts?  What do you remember the most?


  1. What I remember the most is the total feeling of frustration looking at you blogs and all of the others and wondering how everyone did everything they did..memes posts wondrous words…it was all gibberish to me…

    The difference now is that I do what suits me…and I love blogging more now that I have learned that…


    • Pleasing ourselves with our blogs is a good principle to follow…and I think that when we do, others notice that.

      I guess it’s finding our own voice….

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and I always love visiting your blog. Your posts are fun, they make me laugh, and they entice me with books you enjoy.


  2. I love this post, Laurel. Looking back on the early days of my blog makes me realize I’ve come a long way and have a long way to go in terms of the technical aspects. I’m glad I started my blog and look forward to blogging in the years ahead. I may check out some new (free) wp themes. I’m thinking about adding a few real-life posts from time to time. Change is usually good.


    • Thanks, Mary…I’m glad you stopped by to comment; I enjoy writing this kind of post, reflecting on early blogging days.

      I love seeing how other bloggers design their sites, and I learn more from watching all of you. I’m very excited about the free themes that WP puts out there for us, giving us the chance to try new things.


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