Here we are again, ready to cross over that “hump day” bridge.

This week is unique, in that the end of the year looms.  When confronted by endings and new beginnings, our thoughts often go to exciting clean slates; but we must also look at what we’ve left unfinished.

Last night, I was reexamining my “Old TBR Stacks.”  I’ve made a brave attempt to whittle them down, and in the New Year, I have big plans to dive into the chunkier ones via my Chunkster Reading Challenge, along with the Mt. TBR Reading Challenge.

To further encourage my efforts, I have actually moved physical books from the TBR shelves onto my office coffee table, where they are poised for reading.

As I empty shelves in my bedroom (site of Old TBRs), I have opened some up for books I’ve finished.  There is a lot of bookish movement in the wake of these efforts, and I’m very excited to begin the New Year.  Does actual physical movement bring a sense of accomplishment?  I know that I felt full of energy and excitement about making even this little bit of progress.

Here are a few of the books from those stacks that will soon make it to the “read books” shelves.

What bookish plans do you have for the New Year?  Are you full of enthusiasm as you make lists, or do you plan to just “go with the flow”?




  1. Yes!!!

    Physical transferring is the first step…

    That action alone puts us into a “get it done” mode…

    I would read the Penny Vincenzi book first…I adore everything that author writes!!!


    • I enjoy her books, too…and I don’t know why I hadn’t read this one sooner. Except that it was “out of sight” on the TBRs in the bedroom. Moving things to the office was a good strategy for me! Definitely!

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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