Good morning!  It’s still early here, but I’ve been up for quite awhile.

I’m not sure what it’s all about on Monday nights, with my inability to sleep…or my tendency to go to bed too early and then awaken just past midnight.

Last night I stayed up long enough to watch The Closer, which I enjoyed.  I’m really going to miss Brenda Lee Johnson and her cute hubby when the show ends…sigh.  But last night’s episode also spotlighted moments between Brenda Lee and her parents, who were visiting from Atlanta.

Typically, they were all dressed up in Christmas-y outfits and made a couple of appearances at the station…with gifts.

Without bringing in spoilers, there were some emotional moments, too.  You should watch it!

But then I slept for awhile and woke up at 2:30.  Of course I went on the computer for awhile…and then watched another show.

By then it was almost four a.m., and I decided it was late enough to have breakfast.  But I decided to have it in bed while I finished watching the recorded movie Jumping the Broom.  Gorgeous settings…and a wedding, of course.  I love scenes on Martha’s Vineyard. 

Then my thoughts took me to other movies I’ve seen set there…some of them were Woody Allen flicks.

Do you sometimes wake up and decide to just loll about in bed, when it isn’t even the weekend?  I guess this is either the downside of getting older, or the upside of being retired from a regular job.


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