Good morning, and welcome to my home full of vintage treasures, quirky finds, and…okay, I’ll admit it:  clutter.

One of my favorite shops awhile ago was called Country Clutter…and you guessed it; I bought a lot of stuff there.

When I lived in my big house in the foothills, it didn’t seem noticeably cluttered, although my daughter might have a different opinion about that.

Nowadays, I’ve downsized into a condo with two bedrooms, one of which is my office.  And there’s a lot of stuff there, mostly books and book-related things, including writing potpourri.  Also, some dolls and quirky things.  Like these:


On my desk is a spindle that I’ve had…well, forever.  I think I bought it for my office when I worked for the county…and now I use it for notes.  Little post-it notes, usually.

Today I studied it thoughtfully (wish I’d taken a “before” picture!), and realized that many of those tidbits were probably irrelevant.

So I started pulling the notes off the spindle, and I found, at the very bottom, snippets from 2009 when I started seriously blogging.  Little hints on how to do things, like copy links, etc.  Stuff I don’t need anymore.

There were also old phone numbers and addresses.

After I cleared off three times the amount of stuff you’re going to see in this “after” photo, I was left with books I’ve preordered, with the closest date on top.  Theoretically, I can then remove each post-it when the book arrives.  Easy, right?

I wonder how long that will last!


Some of you may have seen my post on the paper blizzard, in which I moaned about all the stacks I needed to shred.

Do you see a recurring theme here?

I’m about to read a book called Dirty Secret, about hoarding.  A cautionary tale, perhaps?

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you?  Do you roll along, doing what you do, and then look up to find…overwhelming stuff?  What do you do then?  What works for you?




    • Oh, I agree, Patty…as I sifted through the post-it notes, I felt as though I were discovering clues along the way. Clues to what I was thinking back then and who I was, even.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This sounds sooooo familiar! I definitely have the hoarding gene — I’ll have to take a look at that book. The thing that saves me is having a husband who’s really a demon about organizing and clearing out clutter. Otherwise, I’d have been buried under a pile of all my “overwhelming stuff” long ago.


    • Thanks for stopping by to comment, Joy. I’m hoping to gain some perspective on this issue…my daughter calls me a hoarder, but I tell her that my stuff is attractively arranged…and I can still easily walk through my space.

      Fitting criteria? lol


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