As I ponder the day ahead, I reflect almost wistfully upon the broken sleep of the night before.

First, I went to bed way too early, which had me wide awake at midnight, pondering what to do.  Instead of grabbing my book, which is fascinating, The Next Always  offered less of a midnight distraction than my recorded episode of The Closer.

In last night’s episode, Brenda Lee and her team arrived at Santa’s Village (in LA) to discover a dead Santa. 

It was more fun than usual, as we listened to all the Christmasy things Brenda Lee could say, like “You have the right to remain jolly.”

And, of course, there is the ongoing saga of the lawsuit against Brenda Lee and the LAPD…and the recurring question of “who is leaking info to the other side.”

Since this is the last season of this, one of my favorite shows (sigh), I hope that this issue is resolved.

But then I think of other shows that were in their last season, and how the ending left viewers with more questions than answers.  Did anyone see the final episode of Big Love?

Once I finished watching the show, I turned on the computer and tried to find something to distract me there.  Instead, my computer was apparently quite antsy, as it seemingly wavered and quaked and took forever to complete any task.

So it was back to bed and dreamland.  And mine were the kinds of dreams you can have after an interrupted night of sleep.  Mixed up characters playing out in scenarios that made no sense at all…like people from my past showing up in my current life and acting very inappropriately.  Nuff said!

Do you have nights like that?  What do you do with uninterrupted sleep, and how do events play out when you try to resume sleeping?

Does the morning after feel kind of like a hangover?



  1. OMG…
    I woke up last night at two…but I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and went down to a guest room to watch tv…and I fell asleep right away…

    Lucy of course was snuggling right next to me…and seemed upset about our move!!!


    • I think I should have gone somewhere else than the computer after watching TV…and even though I watched TV in my bed, thinking that would be conducive to sleep, it didn’t work.

      Poor Lucy! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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