Do you ever see something that takes you right back to memorable moments in time?  And when you go there, do all the associated images and nostalgic thoughts flood into your head?

That happened for me recently when I was perusing one of my favorite magazines of flea market treasures.

I saw these colorful tumblers that catapulted me backwards.


It was summertime, and I can recall my mom bringing the groceries in, and instead of the usual cottage cheese cartons, she had these colorful tumblers.  After we ate the cottage cheese, she washed the containers and used them as drinkware.

Over time, she collected a nice set of them in all colors.

Now, for this story to really be a vintage treasure tale, I would be able to tell you that I somehow acquired those tumblers from my childhood.  But no, that didn’t happen.  I have no idea where those original tumblers went—and believe me, I don’t think my mom ever threw anything away!—but somehow, they did disappear.

Perhaps she gave them away.  But that’s a story whose ending I will never know.

But when I saw these charming little tumblers, I decided to check out Amazon to see if they had any.  And voila!  There they were.

Of course, they’re new and not the actual vintage ones.  But they do look very cute in my country cupboard.  They arrived yesterday!

Originally, I wrote a little story about them at Story Corner.

Do you ever have any treasures from your childhood that suddenly crop up…maybe when you’re looking through stores with collectibles?  Okay, I know that the only ones who probably do find such things are oldies, like me.

Like finding my Desert Rose Franciscan dishes in an antique store.  Now I bought mine in the 1960s, and at that time, they’d been on the market for around twenty-five years.  But an antique store?

Way to go…knowing just how to make me feel old!  lol

It’s fun, though, and I love remembering the sentimental tales that surround these little treasures.  How about you?  Anything that rings a bell?


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