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The day is almost over, and with evening hovering nearby, I am reflecting on the day…and on the past week.

It has been cool, yet sunny today, and while I spent most of the morning doing a little blogging, watching a recording from my DVR, and contemplating the hours ahead, I left the house near morning’s end to get the mail and head off to lunch at one of my favorite places.

In the mailbox, I was delighted to find my preordered copy of 11/22/63, by Stephen King; and while I knew it would be a huge chunkster, I wasn’t completely prepared for its heft.

I wonder how long I will be reading it?  I recall the last really thick book I read only at night, and how often the heaviness weighed me down, tiring my arms…despite the wonderful words and thoughts inside.

Am I a coward now?  Years ago, I read 1000-page books greedily and easily.  Perhaps the muscles in my arms were heftier!  LOL

It should be an interesting test of my stamina.

Meanwhile, today I’m fiercely reading When She Woke (on Sparky, my Kindle), and the emotions aroused in me were unexpected.  I knew I would likely feel a lot of what I felt when I read The Handmaid’s Tale, for example.  But this current read has tapped into a place inside and reminds me (again!) that these kinds of events can happen.

What are your thoughts on either book?  Has anyone read the King book yet…and if you’ve read When She Woke, did it evoke emotions you weren’t expecting?



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