Happy Veteran’s Day…and don’t you love writing the date 11-11-11?  Welcome to another Friday Potpourri event, celebrating Book Beginnings, hosted by A Few More Pages; and The Friday 56, led by Freda’s Voice.

Today I’m excited to feature a book on next week’s list that has been calling to me ever since I discovered it.  The Strangers on Montagu Street, by Karen White, is the third book in the Tradd Street series.


Blurb:  Psychic realtor Melanie Middleton returns-only to be greeted by a house full of lost souls.

Psychic realtor Melanie Middleton is still restoring her Charleston house and doesn’t expect to have a new houseguest, a teen girl named Nola. But the girl didn’t come alone, and the spirits that accompanied Nola don’t seem willing to leave…


Beginning:  The phone rang out in the night-shrouded house, shrill and insistent, bringing me abruptly out of an odd dream that somehow involved me, Jack, a shovel, and something dark and undulating buried beneath the black earth.


Wow!  Don’t you love it? Now I’m there, in that moment, breathless and wondering what will happen next.


P. 56:  My words were cut off by a muffled scream from inside the house.  Before I could tell my mother I’d call her back, Jack was already inside and sprinting up the stairs.  I reached Nola’s room right behind him and had to stop for a moment to register what I was seeing.


So now I really, really want to keep reading.  What are you discovering today?  Please share….


  1. Patty

    I have seen this book and this series pop up now and then and it really looks enticing…I think I have it in a TBR stash somewhere…

    I am reading Dark Lake by Louise Gaylord…it is sort of a cozy mystery and one I am truly enjoying…families, lake houses and of course a murder…sort of speeding through it…it is that good…


  2. Hi Laurel-Rain,
    Melanie’s dream sounds like it comes straight out of a James Herbert or Stephen King book and your page 56 paragraph reads like a scene out of ‘Carrie’.
    I would definitely need to keep reading if I just saw those two passages, although from cheating and taking a peek at the full synopsis, i think that this is a book which works best when read in sequence, because of the history and personal relationships of the main protagonists.
    I have made a note of all three titles and would definitely see them as worthy of reading, the covers of all three, when seen together, are also great.

    Thanks for sharing and have an enjoyable weekend.


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