Welcome to another quirky post about a potpourri of things, beginning with thoughts on a birthday.

Yes, it’s my birthday, and I’m amazed at how many candles will be on my cake today—if I had a cake.  As I tell my friends, we’d start a forest fire with all those candles.  Instead, I’m going to a restaurant where they’ll present a special dessert and one candle.  Much kinder than the forest fire.

But what amazes me most about my birthday thoughts is how far back the memories go these days.  Childhood moments, while far away, sometimes seem like they just happened awhile ago, and while the memories come to me in snippets, or flashes…and sometimes in my dreams, they are vivid.  As if they’re playing out before me like a movie.

I see myself wearing a green sweater on my seventh birthday and watching as the school teacher drew a birthday cake on the blackboard in colored chalk.  That’s how she commemorated our birthdays.  Then everyone bursts into song.

Other birthday moments center around family congregating on a special afternoon with cake and coffee.  I inhale the coffee aroma, which seemed more special back then.

I see my grandmother’s face smiling at me.  Wonderfully loving:  I feel cherished.

My grandmother and aunt also had birthdays in October, so sometimes we all shared our parties.

I do love fall moments, and I’m sure that part of that comes from these birthday memories.

What do you remember about your birthday?  And what special connections and associations do you recall?



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