October is disappearing so quickly!  Here we are, a little over one week from the end.

Of course, Halloween will help us usher the month out in grand style.  And that means lots of pumpkins and spooky things.

Today my blog header features three grandchildren in “before and after” mode.  The photo on the left shows them twelve years ago, when they scarcely knew the meaning of the holiday; and the second one was captured last year, with an additional sibling added to the mix.

Do you remember some of your favorite Halloween celebrations?  I loved those parties where we bobbed apples; and then there was that one out in the country, with a shed turned into a totally haunted house.  For that party, I wore gunny sacks and braided my hair.  I was supposed to be Pocahontas.

Last weekend, I took my youngest grandson to the neighborhood Pumpkin Patch. 

And here’s another photo from last year, showing granddaughter Aubrey surrounded by pumpkins and holding her baby brother.

Here are some random Halloween images.

What do you like best about October?  Or Halloween?

2 thoughts on “PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE! — OCT. 22

    • Thanks, Patty. Fall is my favorite season, too. I still get nostalgic over the scents of fall from long ago…like wood smoke. Something we don’t have nowadays.

      Do you think we love fall because we were born in October?


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