Good morning, and welcome to another Hump Day Potpourri…in which we blather on about whatever topics grab us.

Today I’ve been posting on various blogs, including updates on Creative Moments, excerpts on Snow Chronicles, and Waiting on Wednesday at Going out on a Limb.

I’m reading Beth Gutcheon’s Still Missing and feeling emotional all over again, even though I’ve read the book before…and seen the movie!

Then I watched the recorded episode of Parenthood, from last night.  Do any of you watch that show?

I find myself having rather emotional reactions to some of the characters.  Like Christine.  She is so disapproving of everyone, even her husband—or maybe especially her husband.  But then something happens halfway through the episode and she looks sympathetic.  Someone I could even like.

That won’t last, though, because she’ll be right back to acting superior to everyone again.

Or maybe that’s just my take on her.

And don’t even get me started on Crosby and Jasmine…those two could drive an episode all on their own.

Come on…speak up!  Anyone have thoughts?

It’s obviously a great show and cast of characters if the viewers react to them emotionally at least some of the time.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be connecting to them.

I still haven’t watched last night’s episode of Unforgettable.  Another show I love!

What are your favorites?  What specifically draws you in to your favorite and most watchable shows?

4 thoughts on “HUMP DAY POTPOURRI — OCT. 12

  1. For some odd reason I am not able to watch sitcoms…but I love crime drama…Fringe, Harry’s Law, and a few others…and I am totally in love with Rachel Zoe…as annoying as she is…I tried watching the Tim Allen show last night but it was pretty awful…


  2. Hi – I rarely watch TV shows. My DH is always watching movies instead. We used to watched 24 for a few seasons. And DH does like Burn Notice but I usually and reading or doing computer during that one.


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