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For those who have followed my various posts about my TBR stacks, my constant search for shelves, and my various rearrangements of books in places like the dining room, the pantry, and the bathroom—well, you must realize that I’m a hopeless book collector.  Not to mention dolls, bears, etc.

And for those out there who might think the “h” word (shh, hoarder!), I resist that label.  Books, dolls, bears, and things of this kind are precious treasures. 

They desire attractive shelves!

Today I’m in search of a new shelf for the bedroom, to replace the barbecue cart that now houses my Old TBR stacks.  I’m thinking that, with a proper shelf, I might read through them faster.  Yes, with a proper “home,” I could conceivably do just that.

Below, take a peek at the current housing.  Despite the cute bear to the right, and the various cuddly things that surround these books, they really look…well, homeless!

Old TBRs - Housed Here


A few months ago, I found a new bookshelf for the office, which filled up rather quickly.  Then I “released” some shelves by moving some books into the dining room, in various cupboards…and even on the bottom shelf of my Baker’s rack.


Books - Hanging out in the Dining Room


At Home on the Baker's Rack

So I do have some empty spaces.  But judging from the New TBRs that are slowly encroaching around me in the office, it won’t be long until I need that new shelf.

Wish me luck!  Last time, I happily found a fairly inexpensive shelf and the store clerk even put it together for me!  Yes, I am challenged when it comes to assembling things…sigh.

Usually I have to find one of my grown kids to do this job, but they’re always VERY BUSY!

What are you planning to do on this lovely Thursday?  After my bookshelf hunt, I think I’ll have coffee and read at Barnes & Noble.  But before I do any of that, I have to hit the gym.  I’ve been VERY bad this week.



  1. I love the way you are always rearranging.
    I do that , too…but lately I am loving things finished and not moved…and I love things put away…

    I think I have that same Mary Emmerling teapot…only mine is black!!!

    We used to live in St. Louis…her hometown!!!

    I should go out and grab a few things for dinner…but I am still lazy today…

    So..right now…there is a CSI on in the background while I finish reading Mara Dyer…which I am not sure I love.


    • I just got back from the store, and yay! I found the perfect shelf and not that expensive (Cost Plus).

      I love Mary’s stuff, too, and often think it would be great to visit St. Louis. I have one of her books in which she displays one of the houses she lived in; she takes us through all the various rooms.

      I’m curious about the book you’re reading….I’ll be watching for the review. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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