Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Potpourri, in which we celebrate the quirky events in our lives.  Or the magical.  Like soap moments.

Check out my Soap Moments thoughts today, in which I chat about the demise of AMC and commiserate about the upcoming axe that’s hovering over OLTL.

Do you love soaps?  Do you suffer as each one bites the dust? 

I only started watching All My Children after the execs killed off As the World Turns (one year after axing Guiding Light!).  But in that short period of time, I was hooked.  Just as I was for One Life to Live, which I once watched years ago, and which I thought would be a nice replacement, since it was another one from back in the day.

As I try to imagine my life with only five (four, after OLTL departs!) soaps remaining, I cannot help but worry that one or more of them will also breathe a final breath.

Which is why I’m very happy that Days of our Lives is revamping and rebooting the soap.  I first watched this show back in the summer of 1966 (when I was in between semesters in college, and pregnant with my first child), and watched it on and off over the years, between work days…until VCRs came along and I could tape it!  Joy!

So, yes, there have been some stories I didn’t love, but through the years, I’ve come to adore the characters.  Just as I do those on Young and the Restless and General Hospital.  I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Bold and the Beautiful…some of the repeats of a certain love triangle are a bit overdone.

But I forgive them because I love the lush sets, the glamorous characters, and LA! 

What, if anything, do you love about the soap world?  And has anyone caught the new show called Dirty Soap that is broadcast on E on Sunday nights?  I’m loving it so far!


  1. I have never really gotten into soaps…but my mom did and I would watch them with her…she would not move when they were on and would explain them all to me along with whom she loved or did not love.
    It was treasurable.
    I have seen Dirty Soap…loved it but I forget to watch it regularly.

    I need a rainy day and my DVR to catch up…thanks for reminding me.


    • I do love my DVR! I just watched Dirty Soap last night for the first time.

      I have memories all tied up with soaps, too…watching As the World Turns with my favorite cousins during one summer; watching Days of Our Lives with a friend while pregnant; watching soaps on the days I didn’t have college classes all day….

      Even watching with a mother-in-law I didn’t particularly like, but she loved As the World Turns. Something in common!

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  2. I never really got into Soap Operas…. my nearest brush was when I was pregnant with our eldest. I had that fall off from work and I didnt have much energy other that reading or hanging by the tv and it was a HOT HOT fall and we lived in a small home with no air.

    It was All My Children and then baby came, I got busy… and stopped… but through the years occasionally I would be in a dentists office or somewhere that I would see a little peak of the show and have to laugh as I could fall right back into the story line…. even with years of episodes missing.


    • I think soaps were (and are) a little bit like comfort food to me. And when I think of them, I remember all those moments I shared with others watching the soaps, or those times in my life when they were like a centerpiece.

      I even included soaps in the lives of some of my characters in books I wrote, because they mimicked those same moments in my life.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila.


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