Welcome to another Monday Potpourri event, with today’s feature being Musing Mondays, hosted by Should Be Reading.

Here’s today’s prompt:

What does it take for you to give up on a book you’re reading?

First, let me say that I really, really hate giving up on a book.  There were times when I couldn’t abandon a book no matter what.  Maybe because I’d purchased it?  So it was easier to let go of, say…library books.

I also cannot give up on review books.  I might just have to slog my way through, gritting my teeth and sucking it up.  Which is why I really, really study the books offered to me before accepting.  To be fair to the author/publisher, I want to give them my best.  So I’ll only accept books that I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy.

As for the others…I tend to give a book at least 100 pages.

My reasons for giving up include things like characterizations, themes, pacing, and writing style.  These all have to work for me in order to enjoy the book.

I can enjoy a book with characters that I hate if there is some redeeming quality to the character, or if there are other characters who draw me in.

So what about the rest of you?  What grabs you and what doesn’t?

6 thoughts on “MONDAY POTPOURRI — MUSINGS — SEPT. 26

  1. Patty

    I try to choose books carefully so that I can avoid that problem.
    I love avoidance…lol…
    But sometimes it happens.
    I speed-read through it and try to forget it.
    But then I question myself about why I ever wanted to read this book in the first place.


    1. I know what you mean…I do hate realizing that, by choosing the book, I ignored my own instincts. Because that’s what it usually boils down to….maybe someone said it was great, or there was a lot of buzz.

      Which is why I’m more careful these days!

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


    1. Some reviews are more difficult than others, which is why I try so hard to only accept the ones I think I’ll enjoy. But sometimes books are not what they seem! Good luck, Gigi Ann, and thanks for stopping by.


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