In a delightfully fast-paced novel, with action from the very first page, we come to know Birdie Kaminsky and her quest.

She purportedly is in search of hidden treasure, via clues left by an ancestor, Lucas Postell. But before the quest is over, we come to realize that what she really seeks is love and connections.

She finds a growing set of connections in Liberty, Ohio, where her ancestor lived, and where his “freedwoman” Justice ends up to await the return of her one true love; in fact, the first clue leads her to the Last Chance Café in this very town.

Along the way, she meets colorful characters from the town and the café, and also is forced to share living space with Hugh, a womanizing journalist from Akron, Ohio. He has his own demons to fight, and is trying to ward off his growing attraction for Birdie. Especially after he does a background search and discovers her somewhat sketchy childhood and young adulthood.

What is Theodora, the octogenarian, all about, and why is she so interested in Birdie? How does a young girl named Blossom fit into the scheme of things? And what does wealthy banker Landon Williams add to the intriguing mix?

Some parts of the plot were a bit far-fetched, but the whole was delivered in a colorful, fun way. I definitely connected with the characters, enjoying most of them. I thought that Meade, an uppity, judgmental woman, turned on a dime a bit too quickly. But the ending came together nicely and the clues finally fell into place. I awarded Treasure Me four stars.


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