Summer Reading?

In midweek, we often think of what has gone before, as well as what lies ahead (in the weekend, for example).

My weeks are all about reading and writing.

Today I downloaded Summer Rental, by Mary Kay Andrews.  I was expecting Heat Wave, but the release date has been pushed back.

I won’t be reading it this week, though, as I’m now in the midst of reading The Year We Left Home, by Jean Thompson.

In the beginning, we meet some characters at a wedding.  We’re in Iowa, and it’s the seventies.

Now that summer vacation has come, I’ll be hanging out with Noah more…and Fiona, too.

This photo was taken mid-winter, so I’m looking forward to some summer updates.

Noah is going into third grade and Fiona starts high school.  Amazing!


What are you up to during the summer?  Vacations, reading, hanging out with kids?

4 thoughts on “HUMP DAY POTPOURRI — JUNE 15

  1. I just read Summer Rental…did you know it was an amazonvine book…it was fun and lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it…I love summer…it comes from years of teaching and loving that long long feeling of September being so far away…I am really loving summery books right now…Elin Hildebrand and Nancy Thayer and Claire Cook…although now I am reading Rosamund Lupton’s new book…Sister…


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