Welcome to My Home!

Tuesdays feature many events, including Teaser Tuesdays.  I’ve seen a few other memes for Tuesday that I haven’t yet tried.

Today, after posting my one meme, I dived into Love You More, a haunting story of abuse, loss, and mystery.

I don’t expect to set it aside much today, as every chapter brings us new clues and heightens the anticipation for more.

I’m curled up on my sofa looking around my space.  Uh-oh, you say.  Yes, I did rearrange a few things, but not today.  A few days ago.  But I hadn’t snapped a photo.  So here goes one view, from the front door, toward the dining area.

And here’s the view from the dining room to the front door.

The wicker loveseat once sat on the opposite side, in front of the big windows.  Now I can look out the window more easily.

So what do you like to do when you’re restless?  Okay, I know that I’m restless a lot, and rearrange things compulsively.

Instead of doing that, though, I could get into a lot of trouble…like ordering more books from Amazon!


4 thoughts on “TUESDAY POTPOURRI — MAY 17

    • Oh, I do, Patty….and then I think (sadly) that I can never line them up on a bookshelf! Sigh….

      But then I get over it, as I remind myself of how quickly I can have a new book…no shipping, etc. And I’m good. LOL


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