Good morning, and welcome to all bloggers out there.  Some of you are experiencing a major glitch (those who use Blogger).

When I first encountered this problem, I was trying to comment on a Blogger site.  “Not available” was the response, in huge letters.  I thought, oh, something temporary.

But imagine my surprise when I posted my Friday memes, hosted by two Blogger sites, and discovered nothing had been posted.  Not necessarily a big problem.  They often go up late.  But then I tried to access my own Blogger dashboard (for my two remaining Blogger sites), and saw the message in huge letters.

I clicked over for an update, and learned that this has been a major interruption in service that will soon be corrected (they hope!).

Now I’m really happy that most of my blogs are on Word Press, but that doesn’t negate the impact of the glitch, since many memes and blogger friends will be affected.

Now I’m hearing that Twilight Zone music in my head….and I’m wringing my hands:  what to do?  what to do?

Well, when the computer throws you a glitch, you can grab a book and read.

Today I’m reading I’m Over All That, by Shirley MacLaine.  I hope to soon be immersed in it, and perhaps I will even forget all about computer glitches, interruptions, and other disasters.



  1. I was in total shock when I saw this yesterday…blogger deleted all posts and drafts from the 10th on…I was so proud of myself for having drafts done and a plan for posts all week long and they disappeared…


    • I couldn’t believe it, either. Lately there have been glitches here and there on Blogger, which reminded me of why I’m grateful to only have two sites there; like every time I tried to comment, the message appeared that I wasn’t “signed on.” But usually, another try would resolve it.

      I wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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