Recently, I sent off for a DVD collection of the 1970s series Family, which I had remembered so fondly.

The DVD included the first and second seasons, and as I watched the series of tapes, I was transported back to another time and place.

I remembered who I was and what I was doing then.  I was a young mother, a social worker, and a graduate student (working on my master’s degree in counseling).  My life was poised on the threshold of a future that I had envisioned.

Now, watching the series long after those years had unfolded, I recalled those moments and the feelings I held.  The dreams.  Even though my life had changed directions a few times, I could still feel what I felt back then.

This recapturing of special moments is probably the best reason to watch something from the past:  recalling who we were then, and studying the pathway that led to who we are now.

The voices of the characters spoke to me with an echo of poignant nostalgia.  We can never go back, nor do we really want to do so, but to remember is to recapture a piece of who we were.

Five stars!


  1. I loved that series…so much…one of my neighbors was on it…we both grew up in a small town and he left after college to act…and that was one of his first jobs!!!


    • Oh, wow, that’s exciting! I have checked for the DVD of this one, off and on, so I was happy to finally find it. Meredith Baxter’s appearances on talk shows recently made me check again.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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