Now that the holiday weeks are coming to an end, there’s time to reflect on the upcoming New Year and the various challenges, resolutions, and even a few celebrations yet to come.

I used to be a big party-person on New Year’s.  I recall going out and wending my way through foggy streets just to find the perfect club.

Well, not so much anymore, but a few years ago, I did join my daughter and her hubby for a night out.  I recall having a great time, but the following year, I was perfectly happy to do my usual (lately) thing:  curling up to read and watch movies, and then watching the ball drop to popcorn and champagne.

Now that I have my Kindle, I can visualize a whole new reading experience.  But I do still need to get through the books on my stacks (down to 98 at the moment).

Now I’m going to go watch some movies I recorded on my DVR and contemplate diving into my first e-book.  I’ve already started reading a print-book, but it’s one that will fit nicely with another read-along.

Here’s what I’m reading this week.

Currently Reading

Up Next!

What are you planning for this week?  Celebrations?  Reading?  Hope you’ll stop by.

I’m also contemplating my reading and writing challenges.


2 thoughts on “MONDAY POTPOURRI — DEC. 27

  1. I am so excited about your Kindle…I only have 408 books on mine right now…hee hee hee…it is far too easy to make a purchase…something I have to get over for a while…have fun with yours…curling up with a Kindle is lovely…and I totally understand your New Year’s thoughts…lately we have been opting for an early dinner at a lovely BYOB near our house…and then home and in jammies by 9:00PM…I love doing that…Happy New Year!!!


    • I started reading Rescue on my e-reader earlier. I think I’ll do it tonight in bed, too. I’ve heard that it’s more comfy to read the Kindle in bed than a regular book. I know some of my regular print books get heavy after awhile…LOl.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and hope your holiday week is great.


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