Sometimes when a problem presents itself, the solution is not at all what we expected.

I found this to be true yesterday when I went looking for bookshelves.  As some of you know, I have huge TBR stacks, but I’m working my way through them.  However, I have no shelf space for the ones I finish.

What I’ve been doing up until now is stacking them in various places, including on the bottom shelf of a cart that stands behind my TBR stacks in my bedroom.  It looks pretty messy, even though they’re neatly stacked; it actually makes the TBR piles look worse, if that’s possible.

Meanwhile, in the hallway where I have two full bookshelves, I have lots of old books (and not the collector kind!) that I know I’ll never read again.  Some I even got at yard sales or used bookstores.  So why are they taking up shelf space?

So when I went out looking for shelves and couldn’t find any I wanted to buy, I ran into a woman who told me about donating books to a charity.  When I went home, I took another look at those shelves and started filling a box.  When I was finished, I had four freed-up shelves just waiting!

Now my newer books have pride of place in the hallway shelves, with more space available.  The shelf on the cart has been promoted to a spot for new magazines.  Where I can notice them and read them.

Amazing what a different direction a shopping event can take.  And the serendipity of meeting a stranger with a great idea.

It’s not that I hadn’t thought of that idea before, but the unsuccessful shopping trip had spurred me into action.  And now I’m feeling reenergized.

Next, I should do something about this stack of books in my office cubbyhole!

Overflowing Office Nook

As you can see, some of these books are actually on a shelf, but others are stacked atop a filing cabinet.

My rationalization has been that it’s cozy and looks unique.  I started out putting ARCs there, but then kept adding other books.  I told myself that I would host a giveaway, and I tried that.  But I didn’t end up decreasing the stacks by much, and then I added more.  Mostly they are paperbacks, which don’t mesh well on the other shelves.

I had solved one problem, only to discover another one; not to mention the stacks all over my office.  But those are TBRs, so they don’t count.  Right?

Like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about it tomorrow.



  1. Taking care of my books and bookshelves is the only kind of housekeeping I actually enjoy. My problem is I that I can’t help opening up the books I’m meaning to clear out; I start reading, and there goes the afternoon.

    Good luck with your endeavor . . . tomorrow lol.


  2. Well…shelving and decision making and blogging can take up so much time…and looking for shelves…that would really do it for me…especially now with Christmas taking over more and more each day…that is why I am now carrying my library around with me with my slim little Kindles…468 books and counting…hee hee hee…


    • I guess this situation could be one of the greatest reasons to buy the Kindle (Nook, etc.).

      As for giving books away, I’m always afraid that if I give away the wrong ones, they’ll be the VERY books that I suddenly want to reread.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  3. Oh. I feel your pain. Glad to know I’m not the only one struggling with what to do with all my books. My shelves look very similar to yours and I already had my husband build 2 cases already. They’re packed. I do giveaways and I need to do more. I have given books to the animal charity store. I accidentely gave away some of my husbands books that he uses for church…oops! LOl…


    • Oh, that would be my luck…giving away the wrong books. No husband to offend, but I might suddenly miss the books I gave away!

      Right now, the box is still sitting in the garage, so I’ve only moved the books out of the house…so far. LOL

      Thanks for visiting, June.


  4. Good for you! I had my major book clean out a couple months back. Sadly, I am getting too many in again. I’ve made a promise to read more or stop getting books. So far, it’s working….kind of, sort of. 😉


    • At the beginning of this year, I started a page in my Curl up and Read blog to track my purchases. I think it’s helped me curtail the book buying. However, there are those review books…

      Meanwhile, I do feel better about moving the newer books to shelves and stashing the old ones in the garage. From there, they’ll migrate to a thrift shop. One step at a time.

      Thanks for stopping by, J. Kaye.


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