Did anyone struggle with the shoppers for Black Friday specials? Not I.  Instead, I curled up and read for awhile, and then my youngest grandson came over to hang out, have a sleepover, and while here, help me decorate for Christmas.

Yes, that’s the first thing I do once Thanksgiving is over.

My decorations are not at all difficult.  It’s just a matter of pulling some things out of boxes in the garage and arranging them.  This year, I didn’t bring everything out, because, let’s face it…my house is packed with STUFF already.  And while I put some of the regular things away, others simply must stay!

Here’s a sampling of what I did.

I Love the Nutcrackers!

They like this spot between the birdcage and the Boyds bears.

Miniature Tree Hanging Out Between Birdhouse and Mickeys

Then we have some other stuff on the bookshelves and around the TV.

A Potpourri of Fairytale Images

More Potpourri

Santa and Reindeer Next to a Music Box

That’s it for now, although there are a few more Christmasy spots throughout the house.  Maybe I’ll showcase them later!


Tomorrow, I’ll be having lunch with my second son and his three kids; and my daughter and her family; two other grandkids, and possibly my youngest son.

We have this “non-turkey” event right after Thanksgiving, usually, but this year it will be on Sunday.

I’ll be back with photos of that event!






Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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