This has been one of the oddest weeks in recent history for me. First of all, there was the whole digestive disturbance thing I had going on for a couple of days that seemed to wipe me out.  Then I couldn’t seem to get into my book—I’d been reading it for several days—and I just kept putting it down and then picking it up again later.

Finally I seemed to be on the mend, except for the part about sleeping a lot of hours at night and even taking naps.

I guess it was my body trying to get over everything.

But then I finished the book, wrote my review, and today I read the second book.  That went a lot faster, so I felt as if I’d gotten my second wind.

Now my grandson is coming for a sleepover, so I’m hoping I have the energy for it all!  LOL

Usually he brings his PSP, and then he watches movies, so I’ll still be able to read my book.

Now I’m reading The Lost Hours, by Karen White, and so far, it’s promising to be an intriguing foray into family secrets.  It’s set in the South—Savannah–and I can already visualize the lovely magnolia trees and the beautiful old homes.

Maybe tonight I’ll also rent a movie at On Demand; or I could watch one of my old favorites.  I have a stack of them waiting on my office coffee table.  Yes, I’m hanging out in the office while my grandson will be in the living room with the big screen TV.  That’s okay, though, because the office has a TV, DVD player, and even a VCR.  Yeah, remember those?  I still have a few videotapes from back in the day.

Hope you all have a happy Halloween and don’t overdose on candy!!  What are your favorite treats at Halloween?



3 thoughts on “WEEKEND POTPOURRI — OCT. 30


    • Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth…I would have commented earlier, but somehow yours fell into the spam folder!

      I’m amazed at the comments that end up there; mostly they are really spam…and sometimes quite rude and crude!

      But I have to remind myself to check there periodically, as legitimate comments also end up there occasionally.


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