Making a Dent in the Stacks


This has been a very relaxing weekend. Yesterday I spent pretty much all day reading, even though I wasn’t “officially” participating in the Read-A-Thon.  But knowing that others were also reading all day spurred me on.

I managed to get through two of my TBR books that have been on my stacks forever!  Check out my Sunday Salon for what I read and reviewed this week, and some other blogging events.

I always enjoy posting photos here, especially when the subject is one of my grandkids.  Here are some shots of Noah, who is seven.


The Wonders of Childhood!



Dinner at the "Pie Place"


I snapped this second photo at Marie Callender’s, where I took Noah after I picked him up from after-school care on Friday.  He is busily occupied, knowing that dinner is on the way.

Later, after I snapped this, he said:  “Oh, no, you’re going to put that on your blog, aren’t you?”

As much as he sounds like someone who doesn’t want to be there, he always gets a kick out of seeing himself when I show him the posts.

Today I thought I’d go to the movies, but instead I had a lazy lunch with my book, and now I’m going out on the patio to read some more.


Reading under the Umbrella


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