Oktoberfest Moments

Good morning, and welcome to Sunday Potpourri, a place to come together and share about life’s quirky tidbits.

On this, the first weekend in October, I am reminded of events across the world that celebrate the season.  Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is one such event, and a year ago I shared some thoughts and photos (from my eldest, son, Craig Robinson, Berlin Photographer) about one such event.  Click the Oktoberfest link to see more, and Craig’s link to view some of his fabulous photos.

Oktoberfest -- Celebrating Beer and Giant Pretzels

This year, I started off the season by attending a book sales and signing event for authors in this part of the world.  The Big Valley Book Fest was held in Hanford, CA, a small community about an hour away from where I live.  Fun was had by all, as the event was in the mall for the first time.  This venue may be one we choose to revisit.

Big Valley Book Fest -- Laurel-Rain Snow, Participant

In reading the Sunday papers today, I learned of a very special children’s bookstore called Petunia’s Place. Located not that far from where I live, I plan to visit soon.

In this time of businesses closing and old favorites dying out, this tidbit encouraged me so much!

A Lively Group of Customers

Sometimes we have to cling to the remaining special spots and events that give a little joy to our lives.

What events and places do you enjoy in your life?  What do you hope will never leave?


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