Some Alternatives to the Missing Book

First of all, I woke up yesterday and thought it was Wednesday.  I posted my A-Z Wednesday, and then blithely clicked over to the host to discover that there was no A-Z there!

A-ha, I realized, as I checked the date.  I’d done my Teaser Tuesday post for this site, but I did it the night before.  That kind of messed me up.

Okay, so I’m finally back on track.  I visit a few blogs, and then dive into this great book I’m reading that’s getting more exciting by the minute.

But I’m still having some symptoms that I think are related to my asthma, so I call and talk to the nurse consultant, who tells me that I should come in to the office.

Long story short…I’m shuffled around from doctor, to chest x-ray, to pharmacy, but I’m clutching my book.  Not wanting to miss a thing.

Somewhere along the way—I’m sure it was the pharmacy!—I set my book down.  And then left without it!  I realized this as I was pulling into my driveway.  I was a half hour away from the pharmacy, and before I could get there, they’d be closed.  Plus, it might not even be there.  Meanwhile, I’m tired, hungry, and eager to get started on my medication.

Now I’m thinking…how did this happen? I started out on this trek with the book nicely tucked into my giant bag.  So why would I put it on the counter?  Oh, yeah!  At every station, I picked up more paperwork until my bag was bulging.  No room for the book.

After a call to the main line (no direct phone to the pharmacy!), they tell me…no book.

I guess someone else will be enjoying my book now!  With just about 50 pages to go, I’m very, very frustrated…and sad.

So what do I do?  At first, I thought I’d order another copy from Amazon.  But then my better sense prevailed and I requested a copy from the library.  I’m first in the queue, but that doesn’t tell me too much.  The book could be almost anywhere else in this big Central Valley and I must wait until it gets here.

Luckily, I have two other books I’m reading this week, and when my missing book (ironically named Missing Pieces) arrives, I can find out what happens to our protagonist.

What do you do when you’re faced with frustrations like this?  Do you calmly go on to Plan B, or do you (like me) flail about and then finally move on to Plan B?


  1. I would have no plan B…I hate hate hate losing things…and waiting to read the last 50 pages would make me wig out…but what else can you do and don’t you just totally hate when this happens…


    • Thanks for getting the agony in this situation, Amy! Only other book lovers would…when I told my daughter about it, she tried to sound supportive, but she doesn’t feel the same way about books as the rest of us.


  2. Unbelievable Laurel that this happened to you too! I am just laughing here that we both posted about losing a book.

    I am finally home for the day – I am off to search. Hope your library wait isn’t too long!

    *fingers crossed*


    • I know, Sheila…when I read your post, I was just about convinced that there was some kind of “book thief” conspiracy going on.

      However, while your situation is very mysterious, mine is, well…not so much. Like a bonehead, I set my book down on the counter while I pulled out my wallet and checkbook to show my insurance card and to pay for the medications. And then obviously didn’t pick the book up again.

      But that doesn’t lessen the pain or angst, nor the frustration at having to wait however long until the library book is available to find out what happens in the rest of the book!



  4. Ah, now I see that you probably won’t get your book back! That’s too bad. I was sure that I had done that with my wallet once (left it on the pharmacy counter) and then after a few minutes of panic, realized it was in a different pocket in my purse. It’s a terrible feeling to lose something, and a bummer that it was a book you were close to finishing.

    I hope you are feeling better now!


    • Yes, Alyce, it is a bummer! And I can’t even find it in the local bookstores, although they can order it.

      But I’m going to give the library a try first. Thanks for stopping by.

      At first, I thought I’d dropped it on the floor of the car…my car is such a mess, with all kinds of stuff on the floor. That’s where I drop the junk mail! But no luck finding the book.


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