As the week begins, my thoughts turn to recent developments in my corner of the blog world.

For one thing, my blogging creations got a bit out of hand.  I loved creating them, but after reassessment, I decided that merging some of them would bring a better balance to my life.

Awhile back, I brought my collections here, so now I’m adding my obsessions. In some ways, all the quirky things that end up here include my “tidbits, treasures & obsessions,” as the tagline notes.

In addition to creating blogs, I love to collect and showcase some favorites, like Engelbreit creations.

Recently my headers have sprung from her artistic renderings.  On the sidebar, you’ll notice the photo that once headed up my Obsessions site.  Those dolls and other creations from this artist will be featured here as well.

Today’s header reminds us that Thanksgiving is on its way.

Hope you’ll stop by and share some of your favorite things.


2 thoughts on “MONDAY POTPOURRI

  1. I love love love pumpkins this time of year…I have them all over the house…an amazing pumpkin collection. I am making some amazing woolfelt ones right now…I love this time of year.


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