Reading Possibilities

Saturdays are days that are open to possibilities. What to do?  Movies, shopping, hanging out with friends—or staying home to read and to watch DVDs.

I love each kind of day.  Sometimes I have grandchildren around for sleepovers.

Today none of them are here, and I’m still considering all the options for the day.  I started out by checking e-mails and posting my A Bit of Me (Me) meme.  Today, the topic is about what kind of family we grew up in, large or small, and how it affected us.

That triggered my thoughts, of course.   I have fictionalized some of my childhood experiences into my books. I say “fictionalized,” lest anyone think that they’re a literal page from my life….I wouldn’t want to give that much away!

Then, after visiting a few blogs, I curled up on my sofa to read my newest book, Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives.

Also, I posted my review of As Husbands Go, by Susan Isaacs. (Click the title for the review).

Yesterday I got some books in the mail, which is always exciting.  I’ll be posting about them on Mailbox Monday.

I’m still trying to figure out where to post my various memes these days.  I’ve moved It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading? to Curl up and Read, and I’m thinking of doing the same with Mailbox Monday.

I’ve found the commenting system much more user-friendly here on Word Press.

Okay, now I’m off to read my book again until I can decide what, if anything, I’ll do next.  Maybe I’ll just be a total hermit this weekend!

What are you up to today?  Any special plans?

6 thoughts on “WEEKEND POTPOURRI

  1. Being a hermit sounds wonderful. Seems this week has been so busy, a day of sitting and reading would be so nice. Calgon take me away, hahahaha!
    Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! My son is going to be in the fair parade so that’s where we will be.
    Natalie :0)


    • Your Saturday sounds wonderful, too. I’ve been true to my plan to read and watch movies. I just watched an On Demand movie called Brothers. Made me really think!

      Thanks for stopping by, Natalie.


  2. Duh…I am so dense…I had no clue you were an author…your books look amazing…I am kindling some now but the one I really want to read is not kindleable yet…now I get why you have so many blogs…you have a lot to say!!!


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