This Thursday meme is a lot of fun.   Scrounging around in my bookshelves, just to find a book that I haven’t thought about in awhile, but which has been so important in my life.  This meme is hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

When I wasn’t really looking, it just caught my eye.  And then I remembered how I happened to be reading it, just before the movie came out.  I do like to read the books before I see the movies.

The Hours, by Michael Cunningham, was a book that I literally couldn’t put down.  I took it with me whenever I had a free moment.  This book was published in 1998.  But I bought it in 2002.  Also, it won the Pulitzer Prize.

Why I Chose This Book:

I guess that I first took notice when I discovered that a movie was soon to be released.  In fact, my book has the “movie” cover, with Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, and Nicole Kidman.

One of my favorite places to read was lunch at one of the restaurants that served my favorite vegetable soup.  I was still working then, and I recall the coziness of reading while eating.

Do you associate books with what you’re doing when you read them?

The Virginia Woolf connection was fascinating, as well.  I have yet to read Mrs. Dalloway, but I had recently checked it out of the library, only to realize that I had other books grabbing at my attention.  But I plan to read it later.

Of course I have the DVD, now, too, and I’ve watched it many times.

Here’s a snippet from Amazon:

The Hours is both an homage to Virginia Woolf and very much its own creature. Even as Michael Cunningham brings his literary idol back to life, he intertwines her story with those of two more contemporary women. One gray suburban London morning in 1923, Woolf awakens from a dream that will soon lead to Mrs. Dalloway. In the present, on a beautiful June day in Greenwich Village, 52-year-old Clarissa Vaughan is planning a party for her oldest love, a poet dying of AIDS. And in Los Angeles in 1949, Laura Brown, pregnant and unsettled, does her best to prepare for her husband’s birthday, but can’t seem to stop reading Woolf. These women’s lives are linked both by the 1925 novel and by the few precious moments of possibility each keeps returning to….

What favorite book did you each find today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share some comments.

8 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE READS

  1. I have heard of the movie, but really didn’t know what it (or the book) was about. The multiple perspectives sound great in this book, and you’ve really made me want to read it. I own a copy of Mrs. Dalloway, but haven’t read it yet.


  2. I’ve never read this one (or any books by Virginia Woolf, I’m afraid!), but I’ve been meaning to ever since the film came out. Glad that you liked it – and yes, I do find that I can remember places and emotions from times when I was reading a book. Like sitting in the sun, or eating a certain meal…those details sometimes stick. Nice pick!

    My choice this week is D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths.


  3. I remember the movie, which was great, but haven’t read this one. I’m also among the non-Virginia Woolf readers. I should do something about that!


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