Welcome to another Hump Day Potpourri, an event that celebrates our journey through the week.

Earlier today, I started reading Hot Chocolate, a book I’ll be reviewing on 2/2/12 when it makes a blog tour stop at Chocolate & Mimosas.

So far, I’m loving the Alcott sisters, wealthy Houstonites who are dealing with the dilemma of their ninety-something father, while checking the astrological signs (Lila Mae) and feng shui.

Even as I ponder what will happen next for these very feisty senior citizens, I’m also excited about another book that arrived in Sparky, my Kindle today.

The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted, by Andrew E. Kaufman, came from Books, Thoughts and a Few Adventures.  Thanks, Patty!

What else have I been obsessing about today?  Well, as you can see in the new blog header today, I’ve been capturing photos around the house.  I love the banner on the right, from Mary Engelbreit; and, of course, I’m wild about the photo on the left, captured by the Berlin Photographer, a couple of years ago, spotlighting the restored Berlin Wall.  The banner reminds me that eating is an issue for a lot of people.  I love to eat…but I also want to be healthy and look good.  A dilemma….

Here’s the shot…just in case I change the header before you read the post…lol

I do change the headers frequently here.  I like to spotlight things I love…books and collections.

Do you have books or other things you’re obsessing about today?